About the R.I.C

Spanning several buildings and millions of square feet, the Russell Industrial Center is Detroit's premiere facility for commercial space. With a history spanning nearly a century, the complex began as a manufacturing facility but has now been revitalized as a canvas for countless artists. And our vast spaces have been host to film shoots, including major Hollywood motion pictures as well as other events.


Albert Kahn designs the Russell Industrial Center. It takes 10 years for the complex to complete the construction.


The Murray Auto Body Corporation begins to manufacture auto parts and bodies inside the building.


The Ford Motor Company becomes a major client for Murray. Over the next few years, more auto companies have the Murray company producing parts for them.


As world war II begins, Murray shifts it's focus to producing airplane wings for the B-17 Flying Fortress. By the end of the war, more than 13,000 people were producing wings for multiple models of airplanes, including the B29 Superfortress.


After the Murray Auto Body Corporation moves out, the Russell Industrial Complex is renamed to the Michigan Stamping Plant.


For the next 20 years, Harry and Leona take ownership of the complex until Winter Swan buys them out.


After 6 years of ownership, Winter Swan is forced to sell the complex to a private investment firm.


Clay Street Group purchases the entire 7-building complex. They saw potential to utilize the industrial landscape. They stuck with the artistic talent that was already present, and used it to draw attention and attract more artists and small businesses.


The Russell currently has more than 140 on-site tenants with the majority being artists, making the Russell Industrial Complex one of the largest artistic communities in the Midwest United States. It is a haven for artists and small businesses alike.

2013 and beyond

Clay Street Group is currently still extending redevelopment of the complex and will soon announce the finished additions. The Industrial Mall is one of the biggest projects going on here at the complex, and will welcome all small businesses and manufacturers ranging from the food industry, to furniture, to the arts and fashion, and beyond. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the Industrial Mall.