Inside Detroit: The Russell Industrial Center


Detroit, one of the world’s great comeback cities. Throughout this series we’ll be spending time with the entrepreneurs, artists and musicians helping to restore the city to its former glory, thanks to a new wave of passion and innovation. Today we step inside the fascinating world of The Russell Industrial Center…

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Finished: Albert Kahn mural on Russell Industrial Center in Detroit


Kyle Danley’s mural of Albert Kahn at the Russell Industrial Center along I-75 is complete.


Danley, who rents space in center for his Danley Wood and Iron LLC, completed the 50-by-8-foot mural just in the nick of time, it seems, as frigid weather heads to the region starting tomorrow.


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Batman v. Superman in Detroit: Russell Industrial Center creates ‘pyrotechnic effects,’ night scenes expected


It could get a little explosive and rowdy the rest of this week at Detroit’s Russell Industrial Center, a 2.2 million square foot complex just east of I-75 and north of I-94.

A Batman fan website called Batman News found a letter this week written by Crown City Pictures out of Pontiac that says it will host plenty of “Batman v. Superman” action through Friday.


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Uniquely Detroit: The artists of Russell Industrial Center

You may be surprised to find a bustling art community thriving inside the urban decay of the Russell Bazaar Industrial Center in Detroit. (cred: Click On Detroit)


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Built between 1915 and 1925, the Russell Industrial Center was designed by Albert Kahn and, with seven buildings spread across a massive campus, is an imposing structure. It has a long and varied history, but the Russell currently stands as a home for dozens of artists of all styles and techniques, providing space in which they can develop, produce, and sell their work.

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Detroit: A City On The Rise – Russell Industrial Center


There are people out there who view Detroit as a rundown, dangerous city. We have old factories here in the city, many of which have been abandoned and torn down. One of the most famous buildings is the old Packard Motor Car Company Plant. That, unfortunately is very rundown and falling apart. There is some good news though. The Russell Industrial Center (RIC) is one of those manufacturing buildings that have been saved.

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Bucks Start Here: Russell Industrial


Name a major U.S. city and there is a good chance Stacey Ellis set up shop there at one point or another. New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago — those are all places Ellis has at some point based his business.

Detroit is the latest home for his B. Black Apparel line of denim jeans, and he found the best bang for his buck at the Motor City’s Russell Industrial Center.

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Still Standing: The Russell Industrial Center is thriving


“The cool thing about the Russell Industrial Center is that on the outside, it doesn’t look like much. It looks pretty beat up. It looks like it might even be abandoned. But inside is a culture and community that is thriving, utilizing a space that’s nearly 100 years old, a space that was meant for something completely different.”

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